Islamic broking provides an alternative to conventional stockbroking that allows investors to buy and sell shares in accordance to Islamic Law. Our operation of Islamic Broking is in compliance with Syariah Principles, Concept and Ruling issued by Syariah Advisory Council (SAC) of Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

Islamic trading account is offered to investors who wish to invest in Shariah compliant shares and stocks following the principles of Islamic Finance. The fundamental aspect of Islamic Finance principles are:
  1. Elimination of riba (increase or addition)
  2. Prohibition of involvement in haram or non-permissible transactions or economic activities such as alcohol, non-halal food, pork production, gaming and prostitution
  3. Avoidance of maisir (speculation or gambling) and gharar (preventable uncertainty or ambiguity in transactions)
  4. Deterrence of zulm (oppression and exploitation)
  5. Upholding universal social, moral and ethical values with emphasis on maslahah (public interest)
  6. Achieving ‘adalah (justice) and musawah (fairness in the distribution of resources)
  7. Prevention of excessive leveraging
  8. Strong direct linkages to productive economic activities
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