Beware of

Beware of investment scams, and protect your investment. Look out for signs to avoid being Scammed!

Scammers approach
  • Pose as representative of TA Securities Holdings Berhad (“TASH”) or companies licensed/ registered with the Securities Commission (“SC”) by using similar company names, logos and branding.
  • Promote fake investment schemes that promise extraordinarily high returns and with little or no risk within a short period of time.
  • Products are marketed via social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat etc.
  • Request deposit payments into the bank accounts of individuals or unrelated entities that claim to represent TASH or the licensed/ registered entities with the SC.

Technique to protect yourself from scammers
  • Contact, verify and confirm directly with your dealer’s representatives or the licensed/ registered company and refer to the SC website for licensed/ registered companies.
  • Speak to a trusted person such as your family members or close friends and consider consulting a qualified financial advisor to validate the potential investment.
  • Ensure payments are made to the official bank account of TASH or the relevant licensed/ registered entities.
  • Be suspicious of any unsolicited request for your personal details.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments in emails or messages.
  • Immediately report any suspicious calls or messages to the relevant authorities.

You may reach us by email: or Tel: (603) 2072 1277 or visit our website at if you need any help or confirmation.

Alternatively, you may refer to the SC Investor Alert List at

You may also contact your dealer’s representative or visit our branch.