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The Stockbroking division provides a spectrum of services to cater for the trading and investing needs of our clients.

Our online trading portal TA Online provides clients the ability to access real-time stock prices, execute trades, track their investment portfolio, and access business news from the convenience of their computers at home, office or anywhere in the world.

Our Share Margin Financing provides clients an opportunity to leverage their purchases at competitive rates by placing acceptable collaterals with us.

The Foreign Desk was established in 1991 to facilitate the trading of shares on foreign stock exchanges. Currently, clients can trade in the stock exchanges of Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand,Indonesia, Japan,Canada, UK and USA.

Our Corporate Finance Department offers a comprehensive range of financial advisory services to corporations, private companies and individuals to achieve their specific goals.

Our in house Investment Research team consisting of investment analyst, technical chartist and economist will make in-depth study on the latest economic, industry and stock markets. With a focus on fundamental and technical analysis, we strive to provide valuable insights to our clients in making sound investment decisions that will maximize their return on investment.







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