16 March 2018

We are pleased to announce the "Customer Loyalty Reward Program" which will commence on 2 April 2018. Please click on the tab for the Terms and Conditions.

24 August 2017

Please be informed that the automatic closure by BURSA of the affected Dormant CDS accounts will be effective on Monday, 28 August 2017.

29 March 2017

Bursa Malaysia had issued an industry communication letter on the observation of manipulative activities via pump and dump using social media / internet trading. For further details, please refer to the following letter

Download here

23 May 2016

Dear Valued Clients

Pursuant to the Securities Commission’s (SC) directive on ‘Safeguarding of Client Monies’, the following procedures have been implemented:-

  1. For payment of RM50,000 and above(a) either by cheque, cashier’s order, demand draft or directly bank into the Company’s account, please submit a photocopy or image of the cheque, application form for the cashier’s order, demand draft together with the bank in slip(b). This will enable the Company to verify the identity of the payor/transferor and the name must match the trading account name.

  2. For online fund transfer/telegraphic transfer(b), the transferor’s name must match the trading account name and be reflected either in the transfer advice or the bank statement

  3. Payments received cannot be split into more than one trading account unless a written consent is obtained from the cheque issuer/transferor with an explanation on the discernable relationship(c) of these clients.

  4. Monies deposited by Client A cannot be allocated to Client B unless there is a discernable relationship(c) between Client A and Client B and a written consent from Client A.

  5. Deposits from several individuals cannot be allocated to one client’s account.

  6. Clients are prohibited from paying monies into the personal bank account of the Dealers’ Representatives. All payments must be made to TA Securities Holdings Berhad.


  1. Verification may also be conducted by the Company on amount below RM50,000 on a random basis or when there is  any ambiguity on the payment.
  2. If a photocopy or image of the cheque / application form / transfer advice is not submitted, any charges incurred to obtain a copy of the cheque image / transfer advice from the bank shall be borne by client.
  3. Discernable relationship is spouse, parents / parents-in-laws, grandparents, children and siblings.










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