04 November 2022

Dear Valued Clients

We would like to inform that recently scammers are using Telegram Group or other social media platform to solicit for investment business. Please refer to the sample modus operandi of the scammer below.
As such, be vigilant and be wary of any third parties who claim to be from or representing TA Securities Holdings Berhad (TASHB) or any other stockbroking companies. For any clarification, kindly email to kl@ta.com.my

Sample - Modus Operandi of the Scammer

  1. Will use social media to create a group for chat and updates of business investment.
  2. They will incite in the group about a new investment and create a hype on the large profit margin to be made.
  3. Normally they will have a designated contact person to do further investment.
  4. Once anyone contact the designated person, they will deal in another private chat.
  5. The designated person will then provide the fake covering letter / offer letter – for the purpose of investment e.g. Private Placement Shares, at huge discount compared to the market price.
  6. Instruction will then be given to bank in cash to the bank account of a stockbroking company to convince the investor or to mule accounts (normally a company or individual account). The investor will be given strict instructions not to inform anyone as this will jeopardize the chances of “successful investment”.
  7. The investors are then requested to send the cash bank in slips to the designated person via email or social media as proof of payment.
  8. The scammer will then forward the cash bank in slips to the stockbroking company to pay for the share purchases under the nominee’s accounts. Share Sales transaction will subsequently be carried out and the sales proceeds credited to the scammer nominees bank accounts which will be cashed out.
  9. The investors will only realize that they have been scammed once there is no reply from the designated person on their investment or the designated person cannot be contacted.


04 November 2022

Dear Valued Clients

To comply with Securities Commission, Bursa Malaysia and Bank Negara Malaysia’s initiative/guidelines against scams and money laundering, TASHB is restricting all cash deposit through Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) to a maximum of RM25,000 of initial deposit with immediate effect. Subsequent cash deposit will not be processed as payment and no refund request will be entertained. We strongly encourage clients to make payments to TASHB via online transfer or cheque deposit.


31 October 2022

SC Announcement - Unlicensed Activities and Scams
This message comes to you from the Consumer and Investor Office (“CIO”) of the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”).

Unlicensed Activity concerning intermediaries

In September 2022, we included 1 clone firm scam on our SC Investor Alert List, as follows:

Name of Unauthorised Website/Products/ Entities/IndividualRemarks

Potential clone entity – Wahed Investment


  • Misusing the name and credentials of Wahed Technologies Sdn Bhd (eCMSL/A0359/2019) a licensed entity with SC for fund management in relation to portfolio management to carry out an illegal investment scheme offering high returns e.g. return of RM15,000 in 3 hours with investment of RM500
  • Misrepresentation and misuse of SC’s name

The above clone firm scam had impersonated Wahed Technologies Sdn Bhd’s name and logo to perpetrate the scam.

The scam was promoted via social media through Telegram to lure investors with investment packages guaranteeing high returns.

As highlighted in previous blast, the common key characteristics of the scams are as follows:-
  • Interested individuals/investors are randomly invited into a Telegram group. This will redirect these individuals to communicate to an “agent” or “broker” via the Telegram application.
  • Once interest to invest is communicated, the scammer will provide a mule bank account details for the investment to be made.
  • Once the initial “investment” is made, these individuals will be notified very soon thereafter that their investment has made a profit which may prompt the individuals to make further (and bigger) investment.
  • However, to withdraw their profits, these individuals will be asked to make further payments guised such as Bank Negara charges, income tax charges, administrative fees etc.

03 October 2022

SC Announcement - Unlicensed Activities and Scams
This message comes to you from the Consumer and Investor Office (“CIO”) of the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”)- Unlicensed Activity concerning intermediaries

24 August 2022

SC Announcement - Unlicensed Activities and Scams
This message comes to you from the Consumer and Investor Office (“CIO”) of the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”)- Unlicensed Activity concerning intermediaries

31 May 2022

Observations on modus operandi released to increase investor awareness.

8 March 2022

In support of International Women's Day 2022, RM10 CDS fee will be waived for the first 4,000 women who open CDS Account via the Bursa Anywhere App. Promo ends on 31 March 2022
*Terms & Conditions apply.


17 December 2021

Bursa Malaysia Berhad (“Bursa Malaysia” or “the Exchange”) urges the public to be wary and alert of online investment scams. This alert is part of our on-going public service initiatives to educate members of the public against online scams. Read More...

15 October 2021

New Version of TA Online Mobile App
As part of our unwavering commitment to enhance the trading experience of our valued clients, we are pleased to introduce the new version of TA Online Mobile App (AsiaEBroker) which has been released at Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei Apps gallery.

8 March 2021

Equality for Equity Campaign


24 April 2020

Bursa Marketplace Mirror, Learn & Trade (MLT)

Click here for more details

1 September 2019

With effect from 1 September 2019, it is mandatory for clients who opened their trading accounts to provide their bank particulars and email address to facilitate e-payment, failing which, the account would not be opened.

31 July 2019

The Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Center (SIDREC) is currently conducting an awareness survey to gauge the level of investor awareness of SIDREC and the service i t provides.  SIDREC  was set up just over 8 years ago by the Securities Commission Malaysia to ensure that all retail investors are provided with the help they need to resolve disputes they may have with their financial service providers when investing in the capital market.

Kindly access the survey questionnaire by clicking on this link: SIDREC Awareness Survey 
It is a short questionnaire and will take not more than five (5) minutes of your time to complete it. Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

9 May 2019

We are pleased to inform that we have revised our "Customer Loyalty Reward Program". Please click on the tab for the revised Terms and Conditions.

16 April 2019

Please be informed that the Go-Live Date for T+2 Settlement Cycle is on 29 April 2019.
For further information, please refer to Bursa Malaysia's website at www.bursamalaysia.com.

14 April 2019

We are pleased to inform that our eStatements portal is ready and can now be accessed by clients to view, download and print all their available statements at https://estatement.taonline.com.my.
Not only the electronic statement is secure, fast and convenient, it is offered at no cost.
This is also in line with the Securities Commission's initiative to phase out the issuance of hard copy statements.










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